Intentional Divorce Insights

Women Paying Alimony: Debunking Myths and Unveiling the Reality

When it comes to divorce and spousal support, there's a prevalent misconception that only men are obligated to pay spousal support. However, in today's ever-evolving landscape of gender roles, both professionally and domestically, the truth is that women can also be ordered to make alimony payments.

This blog post aims to dismantle the...

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Intentional Divorce: Navigating the Maze of Separation with Purpose and Understanding

Divorce, often regarded as a tumultuous and distressing game of choices where luck and competition dominate the stage, can be seen from a different perspective. Instead of viewing divorce as a game of chance, it can be likened to the intricate process of solving a complex puzzle. This alternative approach, known as intentional divorce, places...

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Choosing the Right Path: Comparing Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Are you contemplating divorce and weighing the options of collaborative divorce vs mediation? Making the right choice is vital for a smoother transition. In this article, we cut through the complexities, offering a clear comparison of both methods. With just enough detail, we aim to guide you toward the approach most in tune with your needs.


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Finding Peace in the Midst of Divorce: How to Heal After a Breakup

It's the New Year! Now what?

Post by Liesel Darby, Divorce Coach & Mediator

The New Year is all about starting fresh, starting over, moving forward. Unless you happen to have a giant shiny red REFRESH button to hit on January 1, some intentional pondering must happen before any changes are made. If you are somewhere in the divorce process...

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Smart Financial Planning for Divorce: Navigating Your Finances with Confidence

Are you wondering how to stay financially afloat while navigating a divorce? Look no further. In this guide to financial planning for divorce, we provide you with a roadmap that covers forming a support team, dividing assets fairly, and resetting your finances for a stable future. Discover actionable steps to ensure your financial resilience as...

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Navigating Life Changes: Divorce Podcasts & Other Inspiring Resources

Experiencing a divorce is undeniably one of life's most difficult challenges, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and bewildered. However, imagine having a steadfast companion who could accompany you on this journey, offering expert guidance, emotional solace, and a remarkable sense of community. Enter divorce podcasts. Spedcifically...

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