Divorce Coaching 

Gain Clarity and Build Confidence for Your Next Steps

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Divorce Coaching is helpful at any stage
of the divorce process. 

It can provide you with the needed boost to help you navigate your way through the emotional jungle of divorce and become adept at managing strong feelings.

Our Divorce Coaching services can help you move through divorce with more confidence and less stress while also helping you plan for your future.


At any stage of divorce, a divorce coach can help you:

  • Manage intense emotions
  • Gain clarity on next steps
  • Keep you moving forward
  • Develop confidence as you make big decisions
  • Communicate with your spouse, even if they are high-conflict
  • Have a child-centered divorce so your children don’t have a divorce-centered childhood
  • Set boundaries with your spouse (and anyone else involved in your life)
  • Transition from a spousal relationship to a co-parenting relationship
  • Design your new life

If you are experiencing a difficult, high-conflict divorce, a divorce coach can help you:

  • Learn to communicate with your spouse so that they leave you alone and cut out the drama
  • Set firm boundaries
  • Move on with your life even if you must co-parent with them

One-on-One Support for Any Stage
of the Divorce Process

Single Coaching Call


For $150, you receive one 45-minute session where our Divorce Coach will help you identify what you need help with and how to move forward.

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Four Coaching Calls


If you know you need more than one coaching call, enjoy this savings for four coaching calls. You receive four 45-minutes sessions. 

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About Your Divorce Coach

Liesel Darby is an integral part of our team as a seasoned mediator and divorce coach. With a background in therapy, including mental health counseling for families and substance abuse recovery, and certification in life coaching, she brings empathy, expertise, and strategic guidance to those facing the complexities of divorce.

Liesel's personal journey through divorce utilizing mediation enriches her professional insight, allowing her to offer a balanced perspective to clients.

In her role, Liesel focuses on empowering individuals to transition from a state of uncertainty to one of confidence and clarity.

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