After leaving the fast-paced investment world, I entered the even-faster-paced world of entrepreneurship. And I couldn’t be more thrilled! Each day, I work with smart women and men (like you!) and guide them along their path to becoming financially confident so their future is strong and full of life!

My mission is to provide education and support when you need it most so you can avoid costly mistakes and accomplish extraordinary goals by mastering you money.

To further this mission of education, I’ve had the pleasure of being included in the following…

Podcasts, Summits, and Other Speaking Engagements

Women For Economic & Leadership Development Conference
How to Craft & Act On Your Financial Vision; Master Your Money

Celebrating Women Event
Crafting A Financial Vision

Books & Articles

SAS For Women
How a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Can Help with a Divorce

Women Who Money
How Can You Avoid Financial Mistakes in a Divorce

SpeakingĀ Topics

Being on podcasts, speaking at summits, and contributing to articles and books truly makes me happy! I love sharing information with new audiences. Here are a handful of my favorite topics.



Investing with Ease: 5 Things to Know Before You Begin Investing

How to Rebuild After a Financial SetbackĀ 

Overcoming Financial Abuse: The Step-by-Step Roadmap for Rebuilding Your Life After Leaving a Financially Toxic Relationship

Making Sense of Dollars and Cents: How to Truly Understand and Take Control of Your FinancesĀ 

Divorce-Proof Your Finances: How to Have the Most Potentially Volatile Conversation Without Blowing Up Your Relationship



Finances and Divorce: Creating a Budget as a Newly Divorced Woman

Protecting Yourself Financially During Divorce

Overcoming Financial Abuse: The Step-by-Step Roadmap for Rebuilding Your Life After Leaving a Financially Toxic Relationship



Aligning Your Personal and Business Financial Plans

Avoid these Common Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make


Speaking Bio

Leah Hadley will tell you she's had a lot of challenging financial times in her adult life-becoming a parent of three overnight, getting divorced, and building a business from the ground up, to name a few. These have been times when her ability to hunt down appropriate resources and careful financial planning was critical to her peace of mind.

Now a best-selling author, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC), Leah is the founder of Intentional Divorce Solutions and Intentional Wealth Partners. She uses all of her knowledge and 15 years of experience to help her clients make wise financial decisions so they can begin the next phase of life with the strongest possible financial foundation. Leah is committed to strengthening families through financial wellness.

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