Intentional Divorce Insights

Intentional Divorce: Navigating the Maze of Separation with Purpose and Understanding

Divorce, often regarded as a tumultuous and distressing game of choices where luck and competition dominate the stage, can be seen from a different perspective. Instead of viewing divorce as a game of chance, it can be likened to the intricate process of solving a complex puzzle. This alternative approach, known as intentional divorce, places...

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Choosing the Right Path: Comparing Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Are you contemplating divorce and weighing the options of collaborative divorce vs mediation? Making the right choice is vital for a smoother transition. In this article, we cut through the complexities, offering a clear comparison of both methods. With just enough detail, we aim to guide you toward the approach most in tune with your needs.


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A Collaborative Approach Doesn't Have to Mean a Collaborative Divorce

I find it fascinating how many professionals prefer to work in isolation when we all have much to learn from each other. In addition, we can better support our clients when we work together. In the divorce world, I'm sure that some of it stems from the more common approaches to divorce used historically. However, we've come a long way since then...

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Could Gray Divorce Be an Act of Love?

What is a gray divorce?

Gray Divorce is not a new term and has been used in the United States since 2004. But gray divorce has been used more commonly in recent years as the divorce rate among baby boomers has been on the rise. The term was initially coined "gray" divorce to signify a group of older adults who may have gray hair getting...

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Navigating Separation: Understanding the Impact of a Divorce Coach

When I was going through my own divorce, everything felt overwhelming. The thought of engaging with more than one professional during that time was unimaginable. I was worried about spending money because I knew the divorce itself would be expensive. Going from a two-income household to one income was even scarier, as financial stability became...

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February is Divorce Month - Know Your Options

by Guest Blogger, Denise French, CRPC, CDFA

February is known as “Divorce Month” and kicks off what is known as “Divorce Season.” Do you know your divorce options?

The holidays are over; the decorations are down, and now it’s back to reality. Unfortunately, the truth is you and your spouse face another difficult,...

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