Intentional Divorce Insights

Your Mother Was Right—the “F-word” Isn’t Nice

Growing up, you likely heard others, at some point, say the “F- word”, and it wasn’t’ “fudge.” It was a taboo word and could possibly land you with a bar of soap in your mouth.  In this blog we will discuss a different “F-word”, and it still isn’t “fudge”, but it can still...

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From Winter of Divorce to the Spring of Renewal: Your Path to Growth

by Liesel Darby, Mediator & Divorce Coach

Divorce—a stark winter landscape where the familiar, leaf-laden trees of love and partnership are suddenly bare. But what if I told you that beneath that ice lies seeds of resilience waiting to sprout? Just as the arrival of spring heralds rebirth and new beginnings, this challenging time in...

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Communication Techniques with a Difficult Ex-Spouse: Navigating Choppy Waters

Written by Liesel Darby, Mediator & Divorce Coach

Going through a divorce can already feel emotionally draining, and when your co-captain is a difficult ex-spouse, it can seem impossible to find calm waters. You're not alone on this journey; many women have navigated these choppy waters and found their way to smoother sailing. This blog...

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You Are Not Alone: The Power of a Support Group for Divorce

Have you ever found yourself pondering if there exists a shortcut to navigate the arduous journey of divorce? Is there a hidden secret to achieving a happily ever after in the realm of post-divorce life? If you're curious, allow me to share some enlightening insights that may not have crossed your mind: a divorce support group.

Gone are the days...

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Finding Peace in the Midst of Divorce: How to Heal After a Breakup

It's the New Year! Now what?

Post by Liesel Darby, Divorce Coach & Mediator

The New Year is all about starting fresh, starting over, moving forward. Unless you happen to have a giant shiny red REFRESH button to hit on January 1, some intentional pondering must happen before any changes are made. If you are somewhere in the divorce process...

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Navigating Life Changes: Divorce Podcasts & Other Inspiring Resources

Experiencing a divorce is undeniably one of life's most difficult challenges, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and bewildered. However, imagine having a steadfast companion who could accompany you on this journey, offering expert guidance, emotional solace, and a remarkable sense of community. Enter divorce podcasts. Spedcifically...

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