Intentional Divorce Insights

Ohio Spousal Support Calculator: How much spousal support will I get?

If your spouse is the primary earner, you're likely feeling a great deal of concern about how you will manage financially after your divorce. Questions may be swirling in your mind: Can you afford to stay in the house? Will you be able to cover all of your living expenses on your own? Perhaps you're even contemplating the need to find another...

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What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

Dealing with a divorce is a stress beyond compare for many people. When you add to that the emotional stress of complicated financial issues that arise during this time, it is crucial to enlist professional help to ensure your money questions are addressed during the divorce. One person who can take a weight off your shoulders is a Certified...

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401K in Divorce: A Tip That Can Save You Thousands

Many expensive financial mistakes are commonly made when people are going through a divorce. It makes sense. Emotions are running high, and it's common not to want to engage a financial professional if you are already paying legal fees. That said, the cost of a financial professional relative to the amount they can save you in financial mistakes...

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How To Calculate Ohio Child Support


Child Support Calculator in Ohio

For those who have minor children at the time of a divorce, one party or the other will likely be paying child support (unless they genuinely share parenting 50/50 and make about the same...

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QDRO: I need a what??

What does QDRO stand for anyway?

QDRO, pronounced quadro, stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. If part of your divorce settlement includes a division of retirement assets held with a current or former employer, you may need a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) or similar document, depending on the retirement plan. A...

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Divorce and Pensions: Don't Cut Corners When It Comes to Understanding Asset Value

Are you losing thousands of dollars due to the financial fears that arise during the process of dissolution or divorce? The cost of the divorce itself is undeniably one of the biggest concerns clients express. There is no question about it. The duration and expenses involved in divorce proceedings usually exceed initial expectations. However, it...

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