An Online Divorce Support Group: A Safe Space That Offers Strength and Relief

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This blog post was written by Liesel Darby, Mediator & Divorce Coach.

Have you ever noticed the incredible relief that comes from realizing you're not alone in your struggles? Knowing that others have faced similar challenges can be immensely comforting, especially when it feels like your loved ones don't fully grasp your situation.

For women experiencing a difficult divorce, regardless of the duration of their marriage, the realization can be jarring. Even if you initiated the divorce, you may have endured behaviors that have become intolerable.


It's common to struggle with mixed emotions.

You might be grappling with feelings of guilt and anxiety over the breakup of your family. Speaking of family, perhaps your mom is lying on the guilt trip while your sister tries to offer emotional support but ends up in tears. It's during these times that you discover who your true friends are. Some will still invite you to dinner, even though you're the only single person there, while others struggle to make eye contact now that you're no longer part of a couple.

If your spouse initiated the divorce, you may have been blindsided and are now reeling from the reality of a new lifestyle not of your choosing. If infidelity was involved, that's a whole new level of feelings to contend with.  

Online divorce support groups can be a great source of emotional healing. Listening to people who are in similar situations may help you normalize your own experiences and even provide some solutions for how you can move forward with confidence and grace. With the right professional support, this new journey can lead to personal growth that will give you hope for the future. You don't have to go it alone - there are people out there who understand what you're going through and will listen without judgment. 



Redefining Yourself

Who are you now, or who are you becoming? Do you even like wearing that mauve lipstick that he liked on you? It washes you out. And what about the kids? They will be fine. What is your new financial reality? Can you afford a new lipstick in Flaming Coral, your favorite color? Do you have to return to the workforce if you have been a stay-at-home mom? Is McDonald's hiring? Do you need to go back to school? So many what-ifs! It's common to experience many sleepless nights as your mind obsesses over the unknown. 

On top of all this, your ex is going out of his way to be complicated. Deliberately not signing legal documents, holding up the process, or lying about income. Telling his attorney that you only feed the kids Pop-Tarts if he is going for full child custody and posting pictures on social media of him and his new girlfriend in Cabo and fighting over every little detail of the parenting plan. It makes you contemplate packing your suitcase and heading for Jamaica…indefinitely.

That's where a divorce support group comes in. Having a community to lift you up, provide support, and share resources is invaluable. Together, we’ll keep your head above water so that you can focus on what matters most: taking care of yourself and your children and living life to the fullest! 

You deserve to live without feeling bogged down by pain and confusion. With our support groups, you'll be able to find answers, clarity, and peace in the midst of divorce chaos. 


Power of A Divorce Support Group

There is an incredible amount of power and solace that comes from actively participating in an online divorce support group. The sheer comfort of being surrounded by a group of individuals who are on the same journey, albeit at different stages, can be an immense relief. Some may be embarking on this daunting path, feeling overwhelmed and isolated, grappling with the uncertainty of finances and the fear of having to uproot from their family home. 

Others, having gathered experiences along the way, are beginning to acquire invaluable coping mechanisms to navigate through the turbulence with increased ease. They have discovered effective ways of communicating with their ex-partner that leave them feeling empowered, successfully minimizing hostility and chaos. Yet, there are still moments when despair casts its dark shadow, necessitating yet another arduous climb toward hope. 

And then there are those in the divorce support group who have been in the trenches for an extended period, their accumulated wisdom and unique perspective proving invaluable to others. They have learned the art of selective ignorance, knowing when to disregard that text from the ex, and have discovered the incredible stress-relieving properties of a daily run. They possess the keen insight to recognize when it is time to involve legal counsel, especially when the ex-partner consistently arrives a whopping 35 minutes late for the child exchange in the grocery store parking lot. 

Irrespective of where you find yourself in the divorce process, support groups offer a nurturing environment that fosters emotional resilience and accelerates the healing journey.

A divorce support group can provide valuable feedback.

The collective is far wiser than the individual. Divorce support groups can provide valuable feedback to the members. Everyone has blind spots, those attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that block them from moving forward in a healthy, satisfying way. They can help you see how you might be sabotaging your own peace by calling the ex the devil in your emails to him.

You don't have to go through it alone.

The point is you don't have to go through life's struggles alone. There are other support group members who share your pain, and together, you can help each other heal and move forward to the happiness that still exists despite the fact that your lawyer is demanding an extra ten thousand dollars to continue with your case. Listen to each other's struggles, share victories, and lift each other up. You are not alone.

Limitations of a Divorce Support Group

While there are many positives to joining an online divorce support group, it's also important that we recognize that there are some limitations as well. Please note that individualized advice, diagnoses, or treatment cannot be provided. If you're experiencing extremely painful feelings, it may be beneficial to seek a mental health professional.

It's important to remember that you have no control over other attendees, and it's possible that not everyone will get along or that you may find some individuals unpleasant.

And, of course, legal advice or guidance on serious matters such as child support, custody, domestic abuse, or severe mental health issues cannot be provided.


Learn more about our online divorce support groups

You can reach out to us directly to learn more about our support groups and how they could be beneficial on your divorce journey. Our divorce support groups provide a confidential, supportive, and understanding community to help navigate the challenges of divorce. Not only that, but because we offer them virtually, you can join our online divorce support groups from the comfort of your home or office. Support groups meet on a weekly basis. If more groups are needed, we'll see what can be arranged. Here's to a healing journey!

What to Expect from Joining When Joining Online Divorce Support Groups

Participants can expect a community of individuals who share similar experiences, offering a sense of solidarity and understanding. These groups provide a safe space where members can express their feelings, frustrations, and fears without judgment. Discussions often revolve around practical advice for coping with the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.

Our groups are facilitated by an experienced divorce coach who guides conversations, ensuring a respectful and supportive environment. Additionally, she shares resources such as articles, webinars, and expert talks on relevant topics. The convenience of accessing support from home and the availability of peers can be particularly comforting. However, it's important to remember that while these groups offer support and guidance, they are not a substitute for professional legal advice.

Discussions typically center around the multifaceted aspects of going through a divorce. Members often share personal experiences related to the emotional turmoil of separation, including coping with feelings of loss and anger and rebuilding self-esteem. Conversations may delve into practical matters like navigating legal proceedings, managing finances, child support, co-parenting, and adjusting to life as a single person or single parent.

The group provides a platform for emotional support, where members can offer and receive empathy, encouragement, and understanding from others who are in similar situations. Additionally, topics such as self-care, moving on after divorce, dating again, and personal growth are frequently explored. While these groups are immensely supportive, it's important to note that they are generally peer-led and are not a substitute for professional legal or therapeutic advice.

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Liesel Darby is a Mediator and Divorce Coach on the Intentional Divorce Solutions team, who is passionate about helping divorced women move through the pain to the other side and into their joy. She has a background in mental health counseling with children and their families and is also a certified life coach. Her 13 years of mental health and coaching experience enables her to guide others through emotional turmoil, helping them to manage the stress and gain the perspective necessary to take a good hard look at what they would like life to look like once the dust settles. 


FAQs About Divorce Support Groups

 Q: Is professional advice provided? 

A: While the group is led by a divorce professional, it is not meant to be a substitute for individual divorce advice. It's a safe space to be heard, to share what's going on, and to receive support from community members. However, if you do need professional advice, members may be able to provide referrals for other services they have found helpful during their own process. 

Q: Is the group confidential? 

A: Confidentiality is important within online divorce support groups. Any information shared within the group is kept confidential. We suggest that members follow best practices for online safety and not share personal or identifying information in posts. 

Q: What kind of topics are discussed? 

A: Divorce support groups offer a safe space to discuss a variety of topics related to divorce, such as child custody, managing financial transitions, adjusting to life as a single person or parent, self-care, moving on after divorce, dating again, and personal growth. The group also features discussions about co-parenting and navigating court processes such as mediation or child support issues. No matter your stage of the process, you will find comfort and advice from others who have gone through similar experiences. 


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