What is Child Support Awareness Month?

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child support awareness

Child Support Awareness Month is observed annually in August. By definition, child support is a family law that requires a parent to provide periodic financial aid to their child(ren) until the child(ren) becomes a legal adult.

Recognizing this month began in 1995 when then-President Bill Clinton recognized August as the National Child Support Awareness Month in the US. Since 1995, child support organizations have recognized and celebrated the significant role of child support. Child Support Awareness Month aims to create an awareness of the importance of child support, motivate social service groups, and encourage people to help children in need.

While child support laws vary by state,  all child support laws and services are designed to ensure each child’s well-being and safety are the top priority.

Why is this month important?

This month is important as it brings awareness to how crucial child support is to a child’s development. Child support helps ensure that both parents have financial responsibility for raising a child. It also helps to ensure that children have everything they need during their growing years so that they can develop into healthy and capable adults. 

How can you observe Child Support Awareness Month?

Here are a few ways you can observe this month and be a part of ensuring each child has the necessary resources available.

  • Help a family member or friend. If you know someone who is having issues related to child support, reach out to them and offer support by listening, by going with them to any court appearances or meetings with their attorney. You could also offer to help with childcare or meal preparation.
  • Learn about your state’s child support laws. Whether for yourself or if you’re helping someone else navigate child support, having a basic understanding of your state’s laws is very helpful when going through  legal proceedings.
  • Donate or volunteer for a child support organization. Many of these organizations depend on donations and volunteers so they can help as many families as possible. 

For more information about child support by state, click here and scroll down the page until you see “Child Support Resources by State”. 

How is child support calculated? 

Each state provides guidelines for calculating child support. Factors that go into the calculation of child support include income of each of the parents as well as how child expenses such as health insurance are covered. While states provide guidelines, there are still many variables to be considered when calculating child support. Thus, it’s best to get advice from a professional who has experience with the ways in which child support can vary. 

Child support is one of the key financial topics that we discuss with our clients during mediation when children are involved. If you’d like to learn more about our mediation services, email us to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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