Divorce Dollars and Sense: Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, Leah Hadley, a certified divorce financial analyst, discusses four common financial mistakes that people make when negotiating their divorce settlement. 

Key Points Discussed:

- Focusing on Illiquid Assets: Leah emphasizes the importance of considering both liquid and illiquid assets in a divorce settlement, and explains the significance of maintaining liquid assets for financial flexibility.

- Negotiating to Stay in an Unaffordable Home: Leah delves into the emotional and financial reasons why people may want to retain the marital home, cautioning listeners about the potential challenges and costs associated with keeping a home post-divorce.

- Understanding Tax Implications: Leah stresses the necessity of comprehending the tax implications of property division, including assets such as the marital home and retirement accounts.

- Navigating Pensions: Leah provides insights into negotiating and understanding the value and benefits of pensions in a divorce settlement, highlighting the importance of carefully evaluating pension plans and considering risks and rewards.

The episode offers practical and empowering insights to help listeners navigate divorce settlements with clarity and intention, focusing on avoiding common financial mistakes.


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