Should You Consider Nesting in Your Divorce?

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley and guest Kathleen Brigham discuss the concept of "nesting" during divorce. Kathleen, the founder of Brigham Advising and a certified divorce mediator, shares her personal experience with nesting, the challenges she faced, and the benefits it provided for her children. She also shares insights from her book and the feedback from her adult children who experienced nesting during their parents' divorce.

Key Points Discussed:

- Understanding Nesting: Nesting involves the children staying in one home while the divorcing parents take turns residing with them. Kathleen provides clarity on the concept and explains its purpose in reducing the disruptions for the children during a divorce.

- Challenges of Nesting: Kathleen discusses the difficulties of navigating nesting, especially in the early stages of separation when emotions and tensions are high. She emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries and ground rules for the arrangement to work effectively.

- Benefits for Children: The hosts and Kathleen explore the stability and continuity nesting provides for children. They discuss how nesting can alleviate the need for constant transitions between homes and help children maintain a sense of normalcy during a difficult time.

- Kathleen encourages listeners to consider small ways to facilitate co-parenting and soften the transitions for their children, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the children's experience of the family unit despite the challenges of divorce.

The episode concludes with emphasizing the intention of providing valuable guidance and support to individuals navigating divorce with a focus on the well-being of their children.


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