How Emotional Empowerment Can Create Ease On Your Divorce Journey

Season #1

In this episode, host Leah Hadley engages in a conversation with Tammy Cho, a former patient care leader turned international best selling author and speaker, face and body analysis expert, and chief energy officer. Tammy shares insights on using face and body analysis to navigate emotions during divorce, emphasizing the importance of grounding, breathwork, and intentional self-reflection to support personal empowerment through emotional turmoil. 

Key Points Discussed:

- Tammy explains that face and body analysis is a psychosomatic therapy that studies the body-mind-heart-soul connection as expressed through facial features and body language. Understanding the body's messages can offer profound insights into emotional processing and history, providing a unique approach to self-awareness and healing.

- Leah and Tammy discuss practical tips for navigating overwhelming emotions during divorce, including deep breathing, moving the body, and self-reflection techniques. It’s important not to repress emotions and instead move your body, hold space for emotions, and practice deep breathing to calm the mind.

- After the initial shock of divorce, Tammy offers practical advice for grounding oneself, accepting the present moment, and exploring the patterns and triggers that may be surfacing. She talks about the significance of separating oneself from the emotional turmoil to gain a neutral perspective and make empowered decisions.

- Tammy guides listeners through a visualization exercise that promotes surrendering and letting go, shedding emotional burdens, and recognizing the potential for personal growth. It’s important to set intentions and embrace acceptance and self-compassion during the divorce process.

The episode wraps up with a heartfelt message from Tammy, reminding listeners that they are lovable no matter what challenges they face.

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