How to Thrive Before, During and After Divorce

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley speaks with Sharri Freedman, a highly sought-after relationship, divorce, and women's empowerment coach. Sharri addresses some of the biggest misconceptions about divorce, highlights the importance of regulating the nervous system, and shares practical tips for thriving before, during, and after a divorce. She also discusses the power of intentionality, mindset coaching, and subconscious trauma healing in navigating divorce with clarity.

Key Points Discussed:

- There is a misconception that divorce automatically solves unhappiness. Individuals need to heal themselves in order to find true happiness and avoid repeating toxic relationship patterns.

- They discuss the challenges in co-parenting especially during the first year after divorce, the lack of support from legal professionals about co-parenting, and how you can navigate this phase with intentional decision making.

- Shari discusses the secret to thriving during and after divorce, focusing on regulating the nervous system to respond rather than react, make clear decisions, and cultivate a heart-centered approach for thriving during and after divorce.

- A nervous system regulation practice is introduced and listeners are guided through a brief box breathing exercise.

- There are misconceptions about divorce coaching, including the affordability and its role in saving time, money, and preserving sanity during the divorce process. They emphasize the importance of coaching for individuals who are unsure about getting a divorce, as it provides the opportunity to make heart-centered, intentional decisions.

- It’s important to visualize your post-divorce life where you can have conversations with your future self to gain clarity about decisions, such as staying in the marriage or addressing financial settlement decisions.

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