The Stories We Choose: Reframing Divorce Narratives

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley welcomes Meg Gluckman, a divorce and co-parenting coach specializing in helping individual parents make decisions, feel more confident, and navigate divorce, life after divorce, and co-parenting. Meg resides in the Seattle area with her two children and offers valuable insights into creating a healthy divorce story for parents and their children.

Key Points Discussed:

- The Importance of the Divorce Story: Cultivate a positive and intentional narrative surrounding divorce to guide children through the process and ensure they do not create their own potentially damaging story.

- Crafting the Story for Children: A simple and repeatable story template for parents to communicate with their children about divorce in a way that is age-appropriate and focused on maintaining a stable foundation for the children.

- Co-Parenting and Story Alignment: It’s helpful if at least one parent models and sticks to the agreed upon story, even if co-parents are not on good communication terms.

- Tailoring the Story for Different Age Groups: How to adjust the divorce story delivery for toddlers versus teenagers, emphasizing the need to address the emotions and concerns specific to each age group.

- The Role of a Co-Parenting Coach: A coach supports parents through the divorce process, aides in decision-making, and helps them navigate co-parenting arrangements.

The episode urges listeners to intentionally choose their stories about divorce, emphasizing the power of mindset and framing their experiences from a place of strength and resilience.

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