How to Have a GOOD Divorce - Together

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley welcomes Karen McNenny, a certified divorce coach and mediator with over 25 years of professional experience. Karen discusses the complexities of co-parenting as divorced parents with teenagers, addressing issues such as curfew, homework, grades, driver's licenses, and financial responsibilities for their children. She emphasizes the need for unified and respectful co-parenting, especially as children potentially enter college, find partners, and start their own families.

Key Points Discussed:

- Divorce as a family matter before a legal one: For an intentional divorce, Karen suggests communicating about real estate, the family home, the assets, the kids, etc. before involving the legal system. .

- Unified and respectful co-parenting: Karen emphasizes the importance of unified and respectful co-parenting, especially with teenage children. From curfews to college decisions, understanding and communicating with your ex-spouse is crucial for the well-being of your children.

- Embracing compassionate communication: Karen discusses the significance of open, compassionate communication during divorce, especially with children. Encouraging open dialogue, flexibility in custody arrangements, and shielding children from intricate details of divorce are key to minimizing their emotional impact.

- Collaborative decision-making: Karen emphasizes the value of collaborating on decisions, even in disagreement. She highlights the need for a team of professionals to navigate high-conflict situations and communication challenges effectively.

Join Leah and Karen as they discuss navigating divorce with intention, compassion, and kindness to minimize harm to both former partners and their children, seeking a positive outcome.

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