The Art of Effective Communication: Managing Difficult Soon-to-be-Ex Relationships

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley is joined by Liesel Darby, an integral part of the team at Intentional Divorce Solutions. Liesel shares practical strategies to navigate challenging conversations with a difficult ex, offering powerful techniques to elevate your communication skills during divorce or co-parenting.

Key Points Discussed:

- Understanding Different Levels of Difficulty: Liesel differentiates between soon-to-be exes who are difficult due to the stress of the situation and those whose difficult behaviors are deeply rooted in their personality.

- Effective Techniques for Dealing with Stress-Related Difficulties: Liesel outlines strategies such as using empathy, maintaining calmness, the BIFF method (brief, informative, friendly, but firm), acknowledging perspectives, and the importance of body language.

- Coping with Chronic Difficult Behaviors: Strategies for dealing with longstanding difficult personalities include setting firm boundaries, using the gray rock and yellow rock methods, and the importance of ending conversations to protect your well-being.

- The Importance of Consistency: Liesel emphasizes the need for consistent implementation of these strategies and the potential for a challenging road when establishing new communication patterns.

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- Final Words of Encouragement: Liesel reminds us that while navigating divorce can feel daunting, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thousands of individuals have gone through similar journeys and emerged stronger. With the right support and intentional decision-making, you too can navigate this path with clarity and confidence.

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