From Conflict to Co-Parenting: Keeping Children First During Divorce

Season #1

In this insightful episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, Nora Marcus, a New York-based social worker, co-parenting specialist, divorce coach, collaborative professional, and mediator, joins host Leah Hadley to share her expertise and experiences in helping families navigate divorce and co-parenting with a focus on emotional wellness. Nora provides practical tips and empowering insights to support families and individuals in finding peace, purpose, and sustainable co-parenting structures unique to their families.

Key Points Discussed:

- Nora shares her personal journey through divorce and the gaps in services for families, leading her to refocus her career on helping families navigate through divorce transitions with the right support.

- The vital role of a co-parenting specialist in crafting parenting plans, offering co-parenting counseling, and addressing issues in the post-divorce landscape, all with a focus on keeping children's well-being at the forefront of discussions.

- Nora emphasizes the importance of parenting plans evolving with children's changing needs and the significance of flexibility in co-parenting arrangements.

- Insights provided into safeguarding co-parenting arrangements for children with special needs, emphasizing the importance of communication and creating frameworks for the dynamic needs of these children.

- The advantages of resolving divorces outside of the court system, emphasizing the ability to craft unique, amicable, and cost-effective plans while prioritizing the children's best interests.

- Nora advises parents on honest, age-appropriate communication with children, maintaining routines, and offering emotional support to help children navigate the lifelong impact of divorce.

In a profound and poignant discussion, Nora and Leah provide invaluable guidance and strategies to empower individuals navigating divorce, emphasizing the significance of intentional decision-making and emotional wellness throughout the process. Whether you are contemplating or going through a divorce, this episode offers supportive insights and resources to help you navigate this challenging journey with clarity and intention.

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