Kickstart Your Comeback after Divorce

Season #1

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley welcomes guest Heidi Bee, a divorce comeback coach, certified and trauma-informed divorce coach, and somatic breathwork facilitator. Heidi shares her personal experience going through divorce in 2015 and the challenges she faced during that time.

Key Points Discussed:

- Introduction to Heidi Bee and her work as a divorce comeback coach, certified trauma-informed divorce coach, and somatic breathwork facilitator.

- Coping mechanisms and numbing agents used during divorce and the need for tools and resources to navigate the emotional journey of divorce.

- Overcoming challenges by identifying joy blocks and their role in holding back progress and the importance of processing grief and the inability to do so effectively.

- The five C's of creating a comeback- courage, compassion, commitment, community, and choose again. Embracing these principles supports the journey to reclaiming joy, peace, and personal identity after divorce.

- Creating positive change by engaging in the practice of joy spotting and identifying moments of joy in everyday life, the power of slowing down and the benefits of breathwork, and the importance of a morning routine or "self-certainty practice" for building trust and consistency.

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