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Season #1

Show Notes:

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley welcomes guest Mardi Winder-Adams, an experienced professional who helps women navigate high-conflict and high-asset divorces. Mardi shares her insights and discusses her podcast, The Real Divorce Talks, and how it offers valuable information and support for those going through divorce.

Key Points:

- Mardi's motivation to start The Real Divorce Talks stemmed from her experience working with women juggling professional roles, motherhood, and the overwhelming process of divorce. She recognized the need for short, focused information sessions to empower individuals going through divorce.

- The Real Divorce Talks features six presenters speaking for about 25 to 30 minutes each over two evenings, offering specific information for people at different stages of divorce, from pre-divorce considerations to post-divorce decisions. The presentations cover topics like stress management, self-care, personal branding post-divorce, and long-term financial considerations.

- The lineup of speakers on The Real Divorce Talks is diverse and provides a positive and uplifting message, aiming to make the divorce process seem less overwhelming and challenging for participants.

- Listeners have the opportunity to access all previous recordings and future sessions of The Real Divorce Talks for a one-time payment of $47, promoting ongoing learning and support.

- Mardi shares her personal story and the lessons she learned from her own divorce, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional guidance, managing emotions, and approaching divorce


Mardi Winder-Adams offers over 30 years of experience helping women navigate the challenges of high-conflict and high-asset divorces. Mardi is an ICF and BCC Executive and Leadership Coach, a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator in Texas, and a Certified Divorce Transition Coach. She founded Positive Communication Systems, LLC, and hosts the podcast “The D Shift, Redefining Divorce and Beyond” and Real Divorce Talks.

Show Notes:

Leah and Mardi discuss the significance of being intentional throughout the divorce process and how it can help individuals make better decisions and ultimately lead to empowerment and clarity during a challenging time in their lives.

To access The Real Divorce Talks and benefit from the valuable information and insights shared by Mardi and other speakers, visit The podcast episode includes details on how to gain access to all previous and future recordings of The Real Divorce Talks for a nominal fee, offering a valuable resource to those in need.

Join Leah Hadley for more intentional divorce insights and empowering guidance on navigating divorce with clarity and intention in future episodes. If you find the content valuable, please leave a review to help others discover the benefits of intentional decision-making in divorce. Stay tuned for more valuable content and learn to embrace your path with intention.


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