Shared Stories, Strengthened Bonds: Inside Divorce Support Circles

Season #1

In this episode of "Intentional Divorce Insights," host Leah Hadley is joined by Liesel Darby, an expert in facilitating divorce support groups. Liesel shares her personal journey from devastation to dancing after her own divorce, emphasizing the crucial role of support during this challenging life transition.

Liesel's experience in working with adolescents in group therapy and organizing meetups for women going through divorce brings invaluable insight to the discussion. She highlights the significance of intentional decision-making in divorce and the need to equip oneself with the best support to navigate the process effectively.

The conversation delves into the various stages of divorce, from contemplation to post-divorce life, addressing emotional and practical challenges at each phase. The importance of seeking appropriate support, being self-aware, and making deliberate decisions to navigate through divorce with stability and strength is emphasized.

Leah and Liesel also discuss the benefits of support groups, providing a refuge, support, and a sanctuary where individuals can express themselves and find relief in knowing they are not alone. The episode closes with a message of taking care and embracing one's path with intention, encouraging audience participation, and sharing their valuable insights in reviews to aid intentional decision-making in divorce.

Listeners are sure to gain valuable guidance and be inspired by the empowering discussion on intentional divorce and the power of support groups, making this episode a must-listen for anyone navigating through divorce or seeking to understand the supportive dynamics of intentional divorce.

Don't miss this insightful episode on "Intentional Divorce Insights," as Leah and Liesel bring a relatable and eye-opening discussion on the power of support groups in intentional divorce.

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