Designing Your Future: The Power of an Intentional Divorce

Season #1

Show Notes:

In the first episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, host Leah Hadley introduces herself and her background as a certified divorce financial analyst and accredited financial counselor. She shares her personal journey, including her experience growing up in a divorced family and her own divorce, which led her to become deeply passionate about guiding individuals through the financial complexities of divorce.

Leah emphasizes the importance of approaching divorce with intention and purpose, focusing on mutual respect, open communication, and developing a clear vision for life post-divorce. She highlights the emotional and financial benefits of intentional divorce, including less trauma, healthier co-parenting environments, and more reasonable settlements.

Key points discussed:

- Preparing oneself mentally and emotionally for making objective decisions during the divorce process

- Assembling the right team including attorneys, certified divorce financial analysts, therapists, or divorce coaches

- The importance of taking the time to consider options and running financial projections to make informed choices

- Sharing a success story of a couple who embraced intentional divorce principles and achieved a fair and respectful settlement while maintaining a friendly relationship for the benefit of their children

Leah encourages listeners to subscribe to the podcast, utilize the free resources available, and stay tuned for future episodes. She previews the next episode's topic on managing stress through the divorce process.

The episode provides valuable guidance for navigating divorce with intention and clarity, offering insights and strategies to help individuals through one of life's most challenging transitions.

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