The Mindful Divorce: Approaches to Reduce Stress and Enhance Outcomes

Season #1

Show Notes:

In this episode of Intentional Divorce Insights, Leah Hadley welcomes Joy Bartholomew, a divorce mom, and coach, to share her inspiring journey of transformation after divorce. Joy, with her background in police work and a passion for yoga and meditation, offers valuable insights on managing stress, improving sleep, and reclaiming life after divorce.

Key Takeaways:

- Finding Clarity and Intention: Joy shares her personal journey of transitioning from a 30-year police career to becoming a yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and divorce coach after her divorce, highlighting the importance of reclaiming joy and fulfillment in life post-divorce.

- Managing Stress During Divorce: Joy talks about the overwhelming stress experienced by women during divorce and the impact it has on decision-making, co-parenting, and emotional well-being. She emphasizes the need to reduce stress to gain clarity and make empowered decisions.

- Natural Ways to Lower Stress: Joy provides practical tips for managing stress through self-care practices, such as healthy nutrition, gentle movement, breath work, and journaling. She encourages creating healthy routines to promote well-being and reduce stress levels.

- The Impact of Poor Sleep: Joy discusses the correlation between stress, sleep, and emotional well-being during divorce, highlighting the potential effects of sleep deprivation on mood, decision-making, and overall health.

- The Role of Divorce Coaching: Leah and Joy emphasize the value of divorce coaching in providing support, clarity, and efficiency to navigate the divorce process and move forward with a positive outlook on life.

Resources Mentioned:

- Joy Bartholomew's "She Sleeps Well" Checklist: A resource to promote healthy sleep habits and improve overall well-being during and after divorce.

Connect with Joy Bartholomew:

- Website:

- Instagram: @divorce_confidant

- Podcast: "The Divorce Confidant Podcast"

Final Thoughts:

Leah and Joy emphasize the significance of viewing the divorce phase as a temporary transition, offering words of encouragement to embrace grace, resilience, and intentional decision-making to move through this phase and thrive in the future.

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