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Expert financial guidance for high- achieving women navigating the divorce process.

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Guidance to Secure Your Financial Future 

Divorce can be a tumultuous time, filled with emotional turmoil and financial uncertainties. As a high-achieving woman, you know the importance of informed decision-making, particularly when those decisions can have lasting impacts on your lifestyle, ambitions, and financial health.
You've shown resilience, strength, and intelligence in every aspect of your life. Now, let us guide you in using these qualities to secure a prosperous financial future amidst the uncertainty of divorce.

Path to Prosperity is

a uniquely tailored 3-month program for women like you, who cherish their financial independence and comprehend the significance of informed financial decisions. 
Acting as a bridge between you and the often-intimidating world of divorce finances, we're here to provide clear, actionable advice and guidance.
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The Path to Prosperity Program is right for you if


You fall into any of these groupsyou’re just thinking about divorce, you’ve recently separated from your spouse, or you’re well into legal proceedings.

You want more clarity and confidence on how to navigate financial negotiations and/or manage your money more strategically.


You want a faster, friendlier divorce resolution so you can start healing and rebuilding your life sooner. (If only there was a fast-forward button for that.)

You want to save money on legal fees and have trustworthy financial advice to help set you up for a brighter future. 

You should pass on the Path to Prosperity Program if:


You’re not even contemplating divorce. (Whoops! Looks like you landed here by accident.)


You’re 100% confident in your ability to navigate the financial negotiations with ease.

You have no concerns regarding your finances post-divorce. 

You’re A-OK with paying for extra attorney fees that could’ve been avoided. (Are you really, though??)

Facing the maze of divorce, it's crucial to remember that you're not alone. With Path to Prosperity, you'll have the support, guidance, and resources necessary to confidently navigate your finances during divorce. 

Let us help you take control of your financial future, and walk this journey towards prosperity together. 

Here's What You Can Expect

Live Expert Guidance ($1800 value) 

Receive live support via Zoom during weekly office hours with  a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), who will personally guide you through your financial uncertainties. These sessions will enable you to ask specific questions, gain expert insights, and feel more secure about your financial decisions. 

Weekly Virtual Support Group  ($420 value)

Led by a professional divorce coach, we offer a virtual weekly divorce support group for an opportunity to experience a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space for you to share your stories and experiences with others who are also going through the same thing. Each group is limited to 10 participants, and additional groups are added as needed. 

Discounts on 1:1 Services (up to $1000 value) 

Receive 20% off on 1:1 services (up to $1000 total) as long as you are a participant in the Path to Prosperity program.

Monthly Guest Experts ($450 value)

 Each month we host a guest expert that covers a divorce-related topic. In the past, we have hosted divorce attorneys, parenting experts, mediators, and more. 

Comprehensive Online Library ($1500 value)

Access our comprehensive library of videos and downloadable worksheets covering a broad range of financial and divorce-related topics. These invaluable resources will equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of divorce finance with confidence.

Community Support (priceless)

Connect with other women who are experiencing similar circumstances. This supportive community offers a platform to share experiences, exchange ideas, and provide emotional support during a challenging time.

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"Leah Hadley is a genius with money, and a thoughtful, compassionate Certified Divorce Financial Advisor. She will be a key member of any wise person's divorce team!" 


-Jody Willson Pasicznyk

About Leah Hadley, Your Divorce Financial Advisor

Navigating the intricate journey of divorce demands not only expertise but also a personal understanding of its emotional and financial complexities. As the Founder of Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions and Great Lakes Investment Management, I bring nearly 20 years of professional experience to the table. As an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC¬ģ), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA¬ģ), Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF¬ģ), and a mediator, I have successfully guided hundreds of individuals and couples through the financial intricacies of pre and post-divorce situations.

My commitment to supporting others through this process is not just professional; it's deeply personal. Having experienced my own divorce after a decade of marriage and witnessing the impact of my parents' separation when I was eight, I truly understand the emotional toll it can take. With both empathy and expertise, I stand ready to guide you towards a brighter, financially secure future.


"Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult and emotional experiences one can go through. Working with Leah to understand the details behind the financial aspects of divorce was an important step to help me move forward based on knowledge instead of emotion. She was compassionate and thoughtful throughout the whole process. Her approach was balanced, presenting all sides of the issues, and recommending alternative possibilities where relevant."

-Lisa Marceau 

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One-Time Payment
(3 months access)


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