Financial Recovery Boot Camp

A Stronger Financial Foundation in 90 Days

Is your divorce or separation leaving you stressed about money? 

Are you worried about: 

Supporting yourself financially?

Having enough money to live on?

Making your money last?

Managing your investments?

Stop laying awake at night worrying about money.

How would it feel to:

  • Know all of your bills will be paid on time
  • Have an emergency savings account and a plan in place when "life happens"
  • Know without a doubt that you can cover all of your needs and your wants
  • Have the freedom to take an annual vacation 
  • Be fully prepared for a comfortable retirement

Who is the program for?

Financial Recovery Boot Camp is designed for those who have had a major change in their financial circumstances as a result of a breakup, separation or divorce.

Everyone's goals are unique. Whether you need to increase your income, reduce your expenses, start saving or learn to manage your investments, I am here to guide you every step of the way.


What to Expect from Boot Camp

Bi-Weekly Group Success Calls

Get expert guidance to quickly repair your finances. Calls are held on Fridays at 1:00 p.m. EST. If you can't make the live call, a recording will be available each week.

BONUS: Personalized Success Coaching

An onboarding call to fast track your success AND a transition call to make sure you have a clear action plan to move forward after the program. (Value: $447)

BONUS: Exclusive membership in the Financial Recovery Community

Be part of a group of women who are all facing the same challenges you are. Connect online and offline for ongoing support. (Value: Priceless)

BONUS: Online Learning Lab

Get immediate lifetime access to our financial education platform. (Available as a standalone purchase for $197)

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"What most impressed me about Leah is her ability to make financial planning an easy and ‘painless’ task. She has a very simple process to help one think about their needs for the future and a clear system on what to do to achieve those goals. So if you’re like me and want a clear, concise plan that is easy to follow with personalized service, Leah is sure to deliver, while keeping her client’s best interest at heart. I am so thankful to have had the good fortune of meeting Leah."


About your Financial Coach

Hi, I'm Leah Hadley. I am a trained mediator, an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), and a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF®). Since going through my own divorce after ten years of marriage, I have helped hundreds of couples and individuals going through this difficult process. I am committed to easing your stress and making the divorce process as painless as possible.

I was not always financially savvy. In fact, my first job at an investment bank was as an administrative assistant. I felt like everyone around me was speaking a foreign language. Now, as a seasoned financial professional, I am committed to partnering with you to help you make wise financial decisions before, during and after your divorce so you can feel confident in your financial future.

FAQs About Financial Recovery Boot Camp

  • You get access to six bi-weekly group coaching calls. You can attend live or listen to the recordings. Live calls are Fridays at 1:00pm EST. 
  • Onboarding call to fast track your success
  • Transition call to leave you with a concrete plan at the end of the program
  • You get to be part of a community of women who are going through the same things you are. You can connect with them via our online community and make connections offline as well.
  • Lifetime access to our online learning lab where we offer bite-size lessons to increase your financial literacy at your leisure. There's everything from budgeting basics to learning how to invest.

Live calls will be scheduled based on participant interest. Let us know what works for you.

You will identify areas where you need to focus, set action steps, create a working budget, create a savings and investment plan, and find ways to overcome obstacles to your success. Most importantly, you will reduce your stress about money.

You'll receive an email from me asking you to sign up for an onboarding call so I can help fast track your success.

If you are struggling, you can't afford not to invest in this program. I will guide you to improving your financial situation well-beyond the cost of the program. I do offer an installment plan so you don't have to pay the whole fee at once.

If you are in a position to commit to improving your finances then we are here to support you. It's fine if your divorce is not final.

If a recent breakup has put you in a difficult financial position then we are here to support you. 

Absolutely. Schedule a call via the link below so I can address your questions.


Be the first to know about our next round of Boot Camp!



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